5 Minute Intervals

Watching....all day long I watch the screen and inside my head I'm trying to decide the best way to handle what I am watching. Going up going down. Do I call the nurse? If I wait too long she'll be too low but if I call now they will test her and see that her number is fine and send her back to class. Despite my best effort to cram the value of a Dexcom's information down the school nurse's throat she apparently has zero interest of how it can be a invaluable tool. There is no benefit from being "old school" when it comes to diabetes management. I HATE seeing the high number staring back at me. I want to run right over to that school and correct her myself. School has its rules about intervening and are again incredibly stubborn to correct a high blood sugar within a 2 hour rule. I feel helpless just watching it go up knowing how crappy cupcake must feel. I can't even begin to imagine. She's probably thirsty and tired. Her head might hurt. I keep hoping she will go for her afternoon snack and they will correct the high then.
Meanwhile I am supposed to be working but I'm not. My brain is in overdrive and cannot concentrate of anything but that damn high number. I often will sit and watch her numbers quietly repeating what I hope will happen next...."go down, go down......". "Even out, stop going down, STOP going down!" As if I really had some kind of power to control what the next number is. Then relief will flood through my body when a number does go the right way, and my whole body will relax until the next reading. Life sometimes feels like it is happening in 5 minute intervals, its crazy.
And there it is.....the alarm. She's been high now for an extended period of time and the Dexcom blares its alarm clock noise, but what it doesn't know is that I am painfully aware of what is happening. Time to call the nurse just to get rushed off the phone. I call so much they already know its me even before I say hello.
"Was she corrected?", "yes". Wham bam get off the phone mam. Sigh....


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