Diabetes and the Unexpected

The first year after Emily was diagnosed felt impossible. If you are not organized, get ready because you are about to be the most overly organized person you know. Thinking ahead is now your new normal. Gone are the days of leaving the house with your purse and keys...and the child. Must not forget the child. You will have juice boxes and smarties. Needles, pump supplies, wet wipes, alcohol pads, insulin, test strips, glucagon, bg meter....crap did I forget anything? I did say the child right?

So here we are. Two and a half years in and yes you still need to make sure you have at least the important things, but the fear of forgetting some things is gone. You throw a fruit roll up or fruit snacks in your bag. Grab the pump remote and go.
Diabetes is a sneaky sucker though. A low can happen out of nowhere.

This weekend we went on our first family trip since before Emily was diagnosed. We were at Universal Studios having a great time when the Dex started to go off. 89 double down. We were waiting in line for a ride. Crap! Okay this is when a preplanned panic has been stored in your brain for just such a moment. You think fast, what will stop this low in its tracks? Glucose tabs. Check! 69 double arrows down. The Dex is blaring. You are about to get in the Simpsons ride with your child that is plummeting down. Deep breath. Maybe two. Glucose drink! I quickly shoved the bottle in her face, DRINK!!! She down the bottle like a pro. This is where a year and a half ago I would have had the glucagon in hand and pulled her out of the line up of the ride and nearly piss my pants. I asked her several times if she was okay and proceeded onto the ride. I took a few more deep breaths and felt that the glucose drink would do its job in a matter of minutes.
As the ride went on we screamed and laughed and every minute or so I would check the Dex. 59 crooked arrow down. 51 straight across. Relief. Emily had a awesome time and her blood sugar steadily started to rise. It was at this moment that I thought about how far we had come. Diabetes is never something to underestimate. Just when you think you know what you are doing it sucker punches you in the face and you are left with the "what the hell am I doing" feeling. It doesn't have to control your lives or ruin your fun.

So don't panic. Okay that was dumb. Of course there will be many MANY panic moments to come, but it doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the ride.


  1. Aww, thank goodness for technology! I am so glad to hear you were able to be proactive and not let diabetes get in the way of the fun ride!

  2. What a fantastic story of just how much you have learned and how you now handle it all like a pro! Good for you!


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